Would you be upset if Subaru kept changing radio channels?


Looks like Subaru is telling you that the radio station you are listening to may not be appropriate for a young audience. Owners who switch to SiriusXM satellite radio on their new 2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy models will see the radio station return to the SiriusXM preview channel every time they turn off the car, if they are listening to adult content like the channel. comical.

What’s going on with Subaru?

Automotive IT News recently reported that 2016 Subaru Outback owner Vince Patton grew increasingly irritated when his car stereo kept changing stations on him. He listens to the comedy channel and every time he turns the car off it goes back to preview preset channel 001. Patton says he needs to cycle through at least 36 of his presets to get back to the one that was previously on. listening. He confirmed that this was not a problem with SiriusXM and discovered that it was Subaru that programmed it into their new Outback wagon.

Apparently, Subaru tries to protect the ears of young families so that they aren’t inadvertently subjected to something that might be considered offensive. It is reported that Subaru’s “extra layer of protection” cannot be turned off or changed by the owner. It only comes on the Outback Estate and Legacy Sedan models that Subaru manufactures here in the United States at its factory in Lafayette, Indiana.

What does Subaru say?

Here is the explanation of Subaru of America as described in a Tech Tips bulletin: “The 2015 Legacy and Outback have a new line of multimedia headunits. It is important to note, on models with XMSirius satellite radio, that the channel will automatically revert to the preview station with each button cycle if the unit is turned off while tuned to a channel that may be broadcasting content intended for to an adult audience. This feature is not user customizable.

Subaru spokesperson Michael McHale told Automotive IT News that the feature is designed as a family feature. He told them, “We don’t censor anything. We do not put the kibosh on any channel. We also don’t monitor what you listen to. It was added as a handy feature that might not be practical for some, but two clicks and your station is on again.

Patton has no children and is upset that every time he walks into the new Outback he has to change channels to return to his favorite comedy program. He says, “Subaru doesn’t have to watch what I’m listening to and reset my radio every time I turn off the car when, in Subaru’s opinion, I’m listening to something questionable. I don’t need Subaru to censor me every time I turn off my car.

Subaru has installed this feature on all new Subaru Outback and Legacy models manufactured here in the USA, including all 2015-2017 models. It might be a good extra layer of protection for families, but Subaru must have an option for owners to turn the feature off.

Source: Automotive IT News

Image source: Subaru


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