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Downton Abbey is a series about a high society family from the early 20th century and the staff who work for them in their ancestral home. It follows the soap opera-like drama that takes place in the house and how these personal stories are affected by historical events.

And he turned out to be a huge hit during his run as well and even produced a movie after the series ended.

As the most successful British costume drama series since Brideshead Revisited in 1981, the series has received critical acclaim and several awards, including a Global Globe and an Emmy. So how can you watch it?

Where can I watch Downton Abbey?

What is Downton Abbey about?

Michelle Dockery in her Downton Abbey
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The show takes place in the Crawley family estate, Downton Abbey, and explores the lives of the wealthy family and their servants. Each episode follows storylines focused on family “above” and staff “below” as their very different, but overlapping, lives unfold.

Throughout the series, the show also covers events of the time such as the effect of World War I and its consequences on both levels of society. Other key historical events from the time are also covered, including the sinking of the Titanic, the Spanish Flu and the Irish War of Independence.

ITV’s gripping series explores the class and gender differences of the era, and how the passions and issues all humans share play out in the period landscape of Yorkshire at the turn of the 20th century.

Who’s in the cast of Downton Abbey?

Lily James as Lady Rose in Downton Abbey (ITV, HF)

The Crawley family includes Robert, played by Hugh Bonneville of Paddington and Cora Crawley, who is played by Elizabeth McGovern of The Handmaid’s Tale. Their daughters Mary, Edith and Sybil are played by Michelle Dockery of Anna Karenina, Laura Carmichael of Marcella and Jessica Brown Findlay, who starred in the biopic film England is Mine. Finally, beloved British actress Dame Maggie Smith plays Robert’s mother, Violet, delivering the best lines and sharpest looks in the series.

The staff “downstairs” includes Butler Mr. Carson who is played by Jim Carter of Shakespeare in Love, The Golden Compass and Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. Her counterpart and housekeeper Mrs. Hughes is played by Phyllis Logan while the adorable Daisy, assistant cook Mrs. Patmore, is played by Sophie McShera (Waterloo Road, Cinderella) and Mrs. Patmore by Lesley Nicol.

Among the characters who visit the Crawleys is Lady Rosa Aldridge, played by now big screen star Lily James. She is known for playing the role of young Donna in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again !, leading the live-action Cinderella remake (alongside Daisy actress Sophie McShera) and for Danny Boyle’s Yesterday. and Richard Curtis.

Who wrote Downton Abbey?

The show was created by famous writer Julian Fellowes, known for working on blockbuster shows and film scripts adapted from classic novels or staged in period settings.

After winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay with Godsford Park in 2001, the writer wrote a number of series, mini-series and films including Vanity Fair, The Young Victoria and Belgravia on ITV.

How many seasons are there at Downton Abbey?

In total, there are six seasons of Downton Abbey, as well as a spin-off film that follows the events of the series.

When is Downton Abbey taking place?

Hugh Bonneville Downton

Downton Abbey spanned from 1912 (pre World War I) to 1926 and featured the fashion of the era, including bow ties and flapper dresses.

Over the years of the different series, we see the clothes and hairstyles adapt to the changes of the weather as the fashions, especially for women, become more daring.

Where was Downton Abbey filmed?

The exterior shots of Downton Abbey were of Highclere Castle in Hampshire, which has become a favorite tourist spot for fans of the series.

Most of the indoor stages, especially those shot downstairs in the servants’ quarters, were built especially for the show at Ealing Studios in London. The village of Bampton, Oxfordshire is also featured on the show and this is where the actual versions of St Michael and All Angels Church, Downton Cottage Hospital and Isobel House are located. Crawley.

Is there a Downton Abbey movie?

The highly anticipated Downton Abbey film was released in September 2019. It explores how a visit from the King and Queen to the home creates drama for the Crawleys and their minions.

Fans were excited about the film’s release as it takes place in 1927-1929, the year after the TV series ended, and many were eager to see what had become of their favorite characters since.

The film adaptation featured the same cast as the TV series, with the addition of new faces appearing as royal guests and staff. The Royal Butler is played by David Haig of Casualty and Hollyoaks, Queen Mary by Geraldine James from Alice in Wonderland and King George V by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s Simon Jones, while Lucy Smith is played by Tuppence Middleton and Imelda Staunton joins Lady Bagshaw.

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