What happened to Sirius XMU? Find out if the popular radio station is coming back

Fans are baffled and shocked to realize that their favorite Sirius XMU radio station, America’s satellite radio station, has disappeared. Many Sirius XMU Channel fans took to Twitter to express their shock and frustration at Sirius XMU’s disappearance from Channel 35 on Sirius XM earlier this week. Find out: “What happened to Sirius XMU?” And “Is the Sirius XU Channel coming back?”

Source: Twitter

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Sirius XMU missing: What happened to Sirius XMU?

Despite the fact that Sirius XMU mysteriously disappeared from Sirius SM channel 35, it was still available through its app and web player. On Channel 35, Sirius XMU has been replaced by The Beastie Boys Channel. Some Sirius XMU Channel fans have even expressed their dislike of the Beastie Boys.

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What happened to Sirius XMU?

The creators of Sirius XMU took to Twitter to let fans know that the Beastie Boys replaced them on Channel 35 for just a week. The channel also added that fans can stream SiriusXMU during this time through the app, web player, and more. Thus, this tweet posted by the channel made it clear that his disappearance was temporary.

XMU host Josiah Lambert also took to Twitter to thank fans for their support and love for the channel. Their fears and confusion after Sirius XMU’s mysterious disappearance proved how much loved the channel was. Lambert mentioned in the tweet that their favorite channel will be back after the week-long limited airing of the Beastie Boys.

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Sirius XMU Gone: fans react to the news

One Twitter user called Sirius XM Channel’s decision to remove Sirius XMU a stupid move. The fan went on to say that the removal of Sirius XMU made no sense on the part of the radio station. The fan asked why a single radio station like Sirius XMU would be taken down.

what happened to sirius xmu

Source: Twitter

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Another fan claimed that a week seemed like a long time without being able to log into Sirius XMU. The fan claimed it seemed intolerable to listen to anything else on Channel 35. One Twitter expressed fury at Sirius XM’s decision and claimed the radio station was wasting the only music worth its time. While most fans were either angry or confused, some were happy to hear that XMU was returning.

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