TVS Music Guild Launches Silver Screen Radio Channel on TVS Radio, on Spreaker Platform Powered by iHeart Radio

California City, CA, April 21, 2022 –(– TVS Music Guild, the audio division of TVS Global Media, has launched the Silver Screen Radio channel on TVS Radio Network.Com, on the Spreaker platform, powered by iHeart Radio. The channel features songs that have appeared in 20th century movie classics, performed in an easy listening format by the Capehart Music Treasury.

Silver Screen Radio is one of TVS Radio Network.Com’s 48 channels, each featuring a different genre of music from Capehart Music Treasury’s collection of 2,000 tracks. Iconic songs from Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing, Disney, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Graduate and many more are featured on the channel.

Other TVS Radio Network.Com channels include Beach Blanket Radio, Midnight Refrain Radio, Jumpstreet Radio, Country Roads Radio, Road Rash Radio and Transistor Radio. Capehart Music Treasury genres include album-oriented rock, rock+roll, country, R+B, jazz, blues, inspirational swing, big band, and Americana.

TVS Radio Network.Com was founded in 1958 as a sports broadcasting network. Today, it distributes music, sports and entertainment programs to broadcast stations and streaming services. TVS operates the TVS Audio Arts service, a Muzak-style low-cost commercial audio service.

Capehart Music Treasury is a 2,000-track catalog of the best songs of the 20th century produced in an easy-to-listen format. It is available on digital services such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsode, Pandora, iHeart Radio and Google Podcasts. Capehart Music Treasury CDs are available in stores nationwide. Capehart collectible LPs are available direct to consumers.

TVS Television Network, founded in 1960, is the fourth oldest commercial television network in the United States.

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