The National Council of Television, Broadcasting asks suppliers of smartphones, televisions and multimedia equipment not to import them from Russia

The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine appealed to manufacturers and suppliers of television receivers, media players, as well as smartphones and other modern devices that allow the use of special programs for receiving and viewing media information via the Internet, with an urgent request for refusal as soon as possible from the supply of such equipment from the territory of Russia.

As noted in a message on the regulator’s website on Thursday, the National Council also asked manufacturers and suppliers of the aforementioned equipment to refuse to import into Ukraine equipment manufactured for sale and use in Russia.

The regulator requested it as part of the aggressor state government’s December 31, 2020 approval of the list of programs to be pre-installed on certain types of equipment. In particular, the National Council is concerned that applications for viewing a number of television channels and services, the distribution of which is prohibited on Ukrainian territory, will be installed on televisions equipped with the Smart TV function and their analogues.

In addition, mobile applications of companies subject to sanctions on the territory of Ukraine will be installed on smartphones and other portable devices manufactured in Russia, or manufactured for sale and use on its territory.

“We also call on retail chains and private entrepreneurs to call for an end to the practice of installing programs that allow a person to view banned channels or use banned services when selling devices. electronics to the final consumer,” said the Ukrainian National Television and Television Council. Broadcasting said in a statement.

The regulator also appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers and the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) with a request to make efforts to prevent the supply of such equipment to Ukraine. “Otherwise, this will lead to the creation of additional risks to public peace, increase the information influence of the aggressor state and give new impetus to the development of piracy in Ukraine,” the regulator said.

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