The 10 Best Grand Theft Auto Radio Stations, According To Ranker

Grand Theft Auto V was re-released for the umpteenth time on March 15, 2022, this time for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. With a range of great tracks from major artists like M83, Gorillaz, and Tyler the Creator, the GTA V radio stations have provided gamers with a great soundtrack for their car chases and night outs since the game’s initial release in 2013.

As owners of next-gen consoles rediscover the game with its newly updated graphics and capabilities, it may be useful for gamers to catch up on in-game radio stations by exploring which ones. private soldier voters think they’re the best at cruising around Los Santos in style.

Note: Ranking lists are live and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Vinewood Boulevard Radio

One of GTA VVinewood Boulevard Radio’s most underrated radio stations are the go-to place for all things punk, indie and garage rock.

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Despite its emphasis on rock subgenres, much of the station’s music is more relaxed, making Vinewood Boulevard Radio ideal for cruising along Vespucci Beach on a sunny day. This station features great songs like Bleached’s “Next Stop” and “Answer to Yourself” by The Soft Pack to thank its place in the top 10 of Ranker, these are some of the fan-favorite tracks in the game.

9 FlyLo FM

Arguably the coolest station in the game, FlyLo FM delivers hours of IDM, rap and hip-hop from heavy hitters like Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creator and MF DOOM.

The station’s trancey electronic music paired with its fast-paced raps and laid-back hip-hop make FlyLo FM the perfect choice for driving the streets of Los Santos at night. On top of that, the caliber of artists featured on this station makes FlyLo a station that gamers can listen to for hours and only hear banger after banger, hence its high rank.

8 Space 103.2

Probably the funkiest radio station in the entire Grand Theft Auto series, Space 103.2 plays only the best funk and R&B tunes.

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The resort is home to arguably the most fitting music in the game, with upbeat music to match the sunny beaches and bustling streets of Los Santos. With incredible funk artists like Rick James, Stevie Wonder and Eddie Murphy, Space 103.2 finds itself with a high ranking thanks to all-time classics like “Skeletons” and “Party All the Time”.

seven Channel X

Channel X is certainly the most hardcore of the GTA V radio stations, playing a steady stream of punk music from artists like Teenagers and Black Flag.

This station features some of the most aggressive and fast-paced music from the game’s vast selection, making it the go-to selection for gamers looking for an intense punk-rock soundtrack for their high-speed getaway. With titles like “Lexicon Devil” and “Rock House”, impossible to listen to this supercharged radio without driving like a maniac. His tendency to create cinematic moments like this is probably why he made it to the top of Ranker’s list.

6 rebel radio

Playing country classics like Johnny Cash, Rebel Radio is the only choice for gamers who want a more relaxed atmosphere while driving in Los Santos.

Ranging from easy-listening country tunes to full-fledged ballads, this station may seem at odds with the seedy streets of Los Santos but, surprisingly, the music works quite well with the setting. Players listening to tracks like “Highwayman” and “Whiskey River” as they traverse the deserts of Los Santos and Blaine County will feel like they’re playing a modern game. Red Dead Redemption. In addition, the narrative and western qualities of the tracks on Rebel Radio particularly complement the feeling of freedom. GTA V grants its players, which is probably why GTA fans rate it so highly.

5 Radio Mirror Park

Radio Mirror Park’s extensive indietronica and chillwave playlist makes this station a reliable choice for synthetic electronic anthems that are perfect for rainy city commutes that make players feel like Ryan Gosling in Conduct.

This station is definitely one of the most memorable, with beloved songs like “Sleepwalking” and “From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix)” probably helping Radio Mirror Park rank so high on Ranker’s list. On top of that, the resort’s low-intensity tracks allow for greater versatility as they provide a great soundtrack for just about any gaming scenario, from cruising to nighttime cruising.

4 Radio Los Santos

The quintessential modern hip-hop station of GTA V, Radio Los Santos can deliver an incredibly immersive soundtrack as players traverse the glamorous neighborhoods of Rockford Hills or the gritty streets of Cypress Flats.

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With songs like “Smokin’ and Ridin'” and “Collard Greens”, this radio station features some of the most popular songs in the game and is a great backdrop for Los Santos. Constantly playing hip-hop giants like Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott, it’s no wonder this station is so highly rated by gamers.

3 West Coast Classics

Playing artists such as 2Pac, Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre, West Coast Classics is the go-to destination for fans of old school 80s and 90s hip-hop.

Its place in the top three of Ranker’s list makes sense because GTA V fans tend to agree that West Coast Classics is the best of the hip-hop stations featured in the game. This station never fails, with all-time classic tracks like “The Next Episode”, “Gangsta Gangsta” and ” Gin and Juice” which are just a few of the many beloved tracks on the West Coast Classics playlist.

2 FM non-stop pop

Cara Delevingne lends her vocal talents to host Non-Stop-Pop FM’s game, introducing a steady stream of popular tracks from the 1980s to 2013.

This station plays some of the best tracks from the last 40 years of music, not to mention GTA V. Gamers listening to this station will want to turn up their volume with songs like “Feel Good Inc” and “West End Girls” being among many tracks incredible. With a range of artists from Gorillaz to Lorde to Simply Red, Non-Stop-Pop FM never disappoints when it comes to great music.

1 Los Santos Rock Radio

Los Santos Rock Radio plays hours of classic rock from legendary artists like Elton John and Phil Collins. He has such a huge and still huge collection of rock classics that it’s hard to fault him for his place as a number one fan favorite.

The station’s lineup of thundering rock anthems and epic, heartfelt ballads make Los Santos Rock Radio the go-to station for intense baby driverEnjoyable getaways and long drives through the open world of GTA V.

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