SiriusXM launches new TikTok radio channel


TikTok radio logo

SiriusXM Just Launched TikTok Radio, a new channel focused on the most popular tracks across TIC Tac. The channel will be hosted by TIC Tac large numbers of users, including content creators, taste makers, top artists and DJs.

According to SiriusXM, the ‘full-time’ station will feature ‘the trending sounds that are redefining pop culture from TIC Tac. “Launched last week, the channel’s lineup includes appearances so far by Alex Warren, Ashnikko, Bella Poarch, Dillon Francis, Dixie D’Amelio, Ed Sheeran, Jack Harlow, Just Stef, JXDN, Lil Nas X , Loren Gray, Nessa Barrett, Normani, Spencer X, Tai Verdes, Walker Hayes, and more.

Synchronized with the TikTok experience, the revolutionary full-time music channel will sound like a radio version of the platform’s For You page. Listeners can expect to hear trending songs from the next generation of rising stars. music, viral hits and whatever the TikTok community is all about.


SiriusXM stated that DJ Habibeats and DJ CONST will serve as “TikTok Radio’s resident DJs”. The DJs will mix live, simultaneously on the app and TikTok Radio every week.

Despite a recent controversy over user privacy, TIC Tac continued to grow in 2021, prompting competitive social media platforms to adapt to keep pace, such as Facebook reels and YouTube shorts. Song investment fund, Hipgnose, said in July that they “believed TikTok alone was already 6.5% of Sony Music revenue. “


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