Radio Veterans launches Satori, an online radio station centered on New York: exclusive

Two terrestrial radio veterans jump over to the other side.

It comes as traditional broadcast radio continues to fight for market share against a rising tide of online radio, streaming services, satellite radio, podcasts and more. The latest “Infinite Dial Study” from Edison Research and Triton Digital revealed that 140 million Americans listen to radio online every week and that streaming services have doubled over the past four years.

Today Jeffrey Warshawco-founder and CEO of Connoisseur Media, a radio conglomerate with some 39 terrestrial stations, and Michael “Shark” Sharkeywho has worked in radio and on-air programming for the past 25 years, including 14 at Cox Media Group, launches Satori, a New York City-centric online radio station and music discovery platform whose headquarters is in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“We watched the shift from traditional radio to streaming after an entire generation was ignored by radio,” says Warshaw, Founder and CEO of Satori. “They don’t relate to it, it’s over-commercialized, it’s hokey and repetitive and it doesn’t resonate with them.”

Shark, who also launched 97X (WSUN) in Tampa and programmed 102.5 The Bone (WHPT), agrees: “Radio has always been extremely formatted and regimented,” he says, “stations can only play specific songs”.

That’s why Satori will focus directly on the multi-colored New York metropolitan area using real data on what New Yorkers are listening to with a curated selection of multi-genre music programming focused on, but not limited to, music. indie, electronica and hip-hop.

“No one listens to just one genre anymore,” says Shark, director of programming and content at Satori. “We want our sound to reflect what people really listen to and reflect the playlist of someone living in New York.”

To love the city even more, Satori plans to have a strong community aspect championing local neighborhoods with live stage broadcasts and DJ sets as well as the inclusion of notable local figures, institutions and events.

To that end, Satori will launch with a presence at this weekend’s Governors Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island (June 2-4) where the online broadcaster will have its Satori Satmobile. The mobile broadcast station includes a bar, seating and a performance area where artists can be interviewed.

The Satmobile will also continuously tour various neighborhoods and venues across the city’s five boroughs to foster community,

Helping to pursue this goal are Joel Weissdirector of music content for Satori, and House of Breesocial media director who reports to Shark and worked on Satori during its beta.

Asked about the new music platform’s business model, Warshaw (who, it should be noted, also sits on the National Association of Broadcasters’ board of directors), says Satori will have sponsors, partnerships and promotions. with local businesses. But right now, he says, Satori’s team is more focused on building an audience.

As for the name, Satori means “sudden enlightenment,” which Warshaw says he hopes listeners will experience and is also how the idea for the online radio platform came to him. “Honestly, I was sitting in my serenity room on a Sunday morning with incense,” he says. “And I had this moment of, ‘Why can’t we do this?’ And so Satori was born in a moment of sudden enlightenment.

The Satori app can be downloaded from the App Store for Android and iOS or here.

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