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One of the best parts of Grand Theft Auto games is the radio stations. They are a key ingredient in immersing you in the game world and are essential in continuously setting the mood for the period in which the particular game is taking place.

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GTA: Vice City, set in 1986, features nine radio stations split between music channels and chat stations. The following list ranks them from worst to best. Because humor and music are subjective, each will have a different list. Fortunately, it’s hard to go wrong with the Vice City soundtrack and the hilarious talk shows.

Fever 105

A screenshot showing the gameplay in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

This radio station plays funk and disco. Sadly, disco, in particular, was out of place in the mid-1980s. After the 1970s ended, disco was unfairly viewed as a joke and derided for decades before gaining a new appreciation. these last years.

The disco music of the early 1980s was far from spectacular. There are still a few heavyweights on this station, like Michael Jackson’s Wannabe Startin ‘Somethin’.


Wave 103

gta vice city course

Wave 103 mainly plays new wave music. New Wave music in 1986 lost some of the advantage it had at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the decade. Don’t expect art groups like Devo or rockers like Elvis Costello.

This station features bands like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, A Flock of Seagulls and Animotion. All good bands, but they’re definitely starting to turn to the parts of ’80s culture that became so easy to parody until the whole decade kind of became a punchline in some circles.

Wild style

GTA Vice City's Tommy Vercetti dressed up with a sports car outside a mansion.

Hip hop was still in its infancy in the ’80s. Classic albums like Paul’s Boutique by Beastie Boys, The Chronic by Dr Dre, and Illmatic by Nas (among many other founding classics) had yet to really blow up the songs. gates of the genre.

Old-school hip-hop is still fun to listen to, but it doesn’t have the same artistry as the songs that would come in the latter half of the decade. All the same, Wildstyle goes for the crème de la crème and turns it into an entertaining resort.

Radio Espantoso

A mural by Umberto Robina next to the words Libre Havana in Little Havana

Vice City is very obviously based on Miami, and the game doesn’t hide it at all. It is therefore entirely appropriate that a radio station represents the Latino community and, more specifically, the Cuban community of Miami and Vice City.

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The radio station also differs from all the other options in that the songs are not from the 1980s. In fact, a lot of them are even from the 1960s and 1950s. With this station you can commit driving offenses. and practice your salsa steps at the same time.


vice-city fast food

There are two talk radio stations in Vice City. K-Chat is a series of one-on-one interviews between host Amy Scheckenhausen and several celebrities and personalities.

Amy is hilariously inept at her job and is either too overwhelming for the guest or laughing at them. This station is behind the other talk show because they are only one-on-one and lack the group dynamic. Still, K-Chat is extremely entertaining to listen to in the car.

Emotion 98.3

A screenshot showing Vice City revamped in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition

Fernando Martinez has been in almost every Grand Theft Auto game since GTA 3. In Vice City, the character is the DJ of Emotion 98.3 station, which plays all the heartbreaking tunes from the decade. These aren’t all love songs, but they all hit the right chords in one way or another.

An outlier is probably Kate Bush’s Wow. While the song is meant to be about show business and not love or melodrama, any reason to put one of the 20th century’s most incredible performers and musicians on the soundtrack is good.



Vice City Public Radio is the other talk station and is a parody of public radio stations. Host Maurice Chavez welcomes a panel of guests with very different points of view and values. Each episode often ends in chaos.

Between each show, two other people interrupt to ask for donations, as usual for publicly funded programming. The dynamic between the guests is the most entertaining part of the resort. There are 3 different segments in total, each based on a different topic and featuring a different panel of guests.

Flash FM

List of vehicles needed at Sunshine Autos in GTA Vice City

Flash FM is similar to Wave, playing pop and new wave of the time. Whichever playlist works best, it all depends on the person, but the two are interchangeable.

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We really love Toni as a host, however. Grand Theft Auto 3 fans will also recognize her as the DJ of Flashback FM, a Liberty City station that broadcasts the licensed Scarface soundtrack.


destruction of the vice-city

Lazlow Jones is a constant throughout the games, although he only appears as a character in GTA 5’s story mode. In Vice City, he hosts the VROCK station, which broadcasts hard rock and heavy metal. of the time.

He’s not the washed-out loser he would become in the next few games. In addition to the recognizable voice, the playlist is just amazing. It even features a song by Love Fist, the fictional band featured prominently in the campaign.

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