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HYDERABAD: It’s official now. Canada has its own Miss and Ms. Telugu pageant. Courtesy: Morning Raaga, Toronto’s only radio station that caters to Telugus installed across Canada. The radio station and Madhavi Bhaskarala, a Telugu fashion designer and studio owner in Toronto, are hosting the event in September to bring together caliber and talented women from the Telugu community residing in Canada.
“In addition to our shows, we also try to organize different types of events for NRI Telugus in Canada to keep them united in foreign soil. It was one of those efforts on our part and it was a great success, ”said Vijay Sethumadhavan, the radio station’s founder.

RJ Aparna of Morning Raaga is from Hyderabad.
In 2015, Sethumadhavan, a software engineer from Kerala decided to start a multicultural radio station for NRIs in Canada. That same year, Canadian Multicultural Radio launched 101.3 FM Morning Raaga, exclusively for the Telugu community of the Greater Toronto Area.
“Morning Raaga has grown steadily to become the primary media vehicle connecting thousands of Telugus across the Greater Toronto Area. Given its growing popularity, starting with a weekly radio show (every Sunday), we plan to increase the number of days soon, ”Sethumadhavan said.
The FM channel hosts four types of programming – a current affairs talk show with guest panelists primarily from the Telugu diaspora in Canada called “Straight Talk”. A musical program called ‘Nostalgia’ where old Telugu numbers are played. Another show on the latest Telugu music called “Konjam Talk Konjam Music” and a health show called “Adhyatmikam, Arogyam”. RJ Aparna, whose family is from Hyderabad, hosts these shows.
“We often invite Telugu NRIs from Canada and the United States who have achieved something exceptional. It’s about promoting Telugu talent in this part of the world. In addition to this, prominent Telugus from India are also invited to join our shows, ”Sethumadhavan said.
This year, actress Laya Gorty was invited to the Telugu competition. “Our next goal is to promote the channel digitally so that it can cross Canadian territory and become a global show,” said Sethumadhavan.


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