Public School Teacher’s Online Radio Helps Many Cuddalore Students

The Covid pandemic has been one of the most trying times of the recent past and finding a silver lining during that time is what is causing the change. At a time when children struggle to take online lessons, in Cuddalore District, a few public school teachers have come together to teach children via online radio.

Schools across the country have been closed due to the pandemic, so taking classes online is the only way out. But unfortunately, students in marginalized sections have been extremely affected due to the lack of resources such as the Internet, laptop or cell phone.

To combat this, a public school teacher, A. Karthikrajah, started an online radio station for his students. What started as a small initiative has grown into a huge success among students and teachers from different schools.

Benefits of online radio for marginalized students

The state-wide online educational radio station that Karthikraja launched can operate even with low internet bandwidth. The radio station can also be used in 2G phones. Pupils in classes 1 to 8 can attend lessons in all subjects on the radio.

“When educational television arrived, the idea was that it could also be done on radio. However, during this period, people doubted the use of the radio. When the coronavirus hit the country, the importance of online radio was understood for education.

I started this for our students in November of last year. Nothing great was done then. I started educational radio as an experimental business that only 10-15 people could hear at a time. Because I wasn’t familiar with online radio at the time, I thought TV and radio were the big things. But I was also happy to hear that radio can be launched online. Following the response, I learned of the existence of the next installation via the Internet. Now everyone can listen to our radio, ”says Karthikrajah.

Online radio route

“Initially, Karthikraja started teaching students in grades 3 and 4, and now more than 75 teachers have joined his online radio volunteer initiative. Karthikraja says this format has many benefits for students. “The kids will only have to use 2 GB of data per month. Parents can keep an eye on what the kids are doing because the radio can be played loudly and parents don’t have to worry about kids misusing the phone. Even the basic internet phone can be used to access online radio lessons, ”says Karthikraja.

Bharat, a grade 8 student, said, “We come from a financially backward class and these online radio lessons have helped us tremendously. Mainly because the amount we have to spend on the internet is very less now. “

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