Public Broadcasting Day 2022: History, Celebration, Observance

Public Broadcasting Day is celebrated annually on January 13. Technology has made all progress and even allows us to live in luxury. It is indeed essential to remember the oldest, probably the first inventions because without which there would not be so many developments.

One of them is the radio, a century-old device that broadcasts news and music. Unlike TV and other smart devices, you have to tune in and wait for radio signals.

You can’t see or read, but this instrument has so many interesting things. Public Broadcasting Day is celebrated to honor, celebrate and appreciate this technology and the works of those who made public broadcasting first.

History of Public Broadcasting Day:

The history and origin of Public Broadcasting Day is unknown. The founder and the year since this day was celebrated are also not known. However, this day was created to celebrate the world’s first public radio broadcast held in New York City on January 13, 1910.

Lee de Forest was credited with transmitting the world’s first public broadcast. He had proven and shown that wireless telephony could even send sounds other than Morse code.

The first broadcast featured the voices of Enrico Caruso and other Metropolitan Opera stars performing live at the Metropolitan Opera House.

The first wireless radio broadcast included performances by Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. Riccardo Martin played the role of Turridu, Enrico Caruso that of Canio and Emmy Destinn that of Santuzza and the conductor was Egisto Tango.

The event is considered the birth of public broadcasting. Members of the public as well as the press used headphones to listen to the broadcast in several locations around the city.

How to celebrate Public Broadcasting Day:

This is the best day to honor the work of those people who are responsible for making the first radio show. Consider this day as the best opportunity to spend time listening to the radio show. Listen to the various stations available by tuning into the radio. You can even present the initial radio model if you have one to others.

Fun facts about broadcasting:

The first radio DJ: In 1908, during his honeymoon, American inventor Lee de Forest climbed the Eiffel Tower to broadcast a selection of music in the suburbs of Paris.

Most consistent medium: According to Pew Research’s 2017 report, radio has achieved a consistent 90% audience over the past nine years, unlike other media like newspapers and television (cable and network), which experienced slight declines.

A two-in-one radio show: In the 1980s, people could download video games from radio shows; they simply recorded sounds on tape and then played them on their computers.

Robin Williams a radio personality: Most of the radio shows in “Good Morning Vietnam” were improvised by the actor himself.

Radio saved the Eiffel Tower: This iconic French landmark would have become scrap 20 years after its creation if it weren’t for its use as a radio tower during World War II; it would intercept critical military transmissions.

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