Portsmouth online broadcaster Victory Online secures new DAB license for Portsmouth

But now, with a stream on Solent Wireless – a digital audio streaming provider for Portsmouth – it is once again able to serve households in the city.

A group of veteran broadcasters brought back Victory Online ‘nostalgia’ to capture the original station in March 2021, but felt they were ready to expand to car radio listeners and home stereo radio systems as well by launching DAB .

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Radio Victory to be launched on the local DAB network.

Victory Online General Manager Bob Bruce said, “We brought Victory Online back a year ago. What a fabulous birthday present to get a DAB+ license. We are proud to bring back radio as before, local, alive and current with the people of the region.

The online project was started by Bob Bruce and CTO Phil Reed with Mark Samways (a loyal Victory enthusiast who passed away in 2020) prior to the launch of Victory Online.

Within a year, the station had a full crew including original Radio Victory presenters on board with renewed enthusiasm.

In its first year, Victory Online attracted a huge number of listeners, most of whom remember the original station, paying homage to Radio Victory with original jingles and references to the original presenters.

A Victory Online spokesperson said: “We are honored to have Radio Victory presenters of both generations Chris Ryder, Chrissie Pollard and Shep Woolley appearing on specials. Gary Champion – ex-Victory and TV-AM – is our weekday breakfast presenter.

“Neil Crespin was the last breakfast DJ on the original station before they managed to regain the license in 1986 and now presents our weekend breakfast from 7am to 10am.”

“With local news and references to local events, places and local history, we are proud to bring back this iconic radio brand.

“Our presenters know the area and the people of Portsmouth and surrounding areas who are the essence of local radio.”

Victory Radio officially launches on DAB+ at 7am today with presenter Gary Champion. ‘

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