Photos: Gord Gibb ends his career after 46 years in broadcasting in Peterborough

Longtime Peterborough radio personality Gord Gibb went off the air on Friday afternoon with his final shift on 100.5 Fresh FM, ending a 46-year broadcasting career.

He began his first radio shift in Peterborough at 6 p.m. on August 3, 1976 on CHEX-AM 980 at the age of 19.

“The city has come such a long way (since). Lansdowne Place was not there, for example. Monaghan Road Sears was the only game in town. No carrying space. It was basically farmland from Spillsbury, you had the Rockhaven and Sir Sandford Fleming but nothing more,” Gibb recalled in an interview with Teresa Kaszuba on “The Morning Show on CHEX.”

“Lansdowne was two lanes, one east, one west, with no turning lane. Can you imagine becoming a business with two lanes holding all the traffic? The city has come a long way since then.

He got his first taste of radio at the age of 15, while a high school student at Lindsay, and was given a chance behind the mic.

“It really is a public service. It’s like being an MP without a pension plan. You serve the public, you inform it, you entertain it, you animate its events. It really is public service,” Gibb told Kaszuba.

“The downside, at least lately, is that broadcasting has shifted to a more corporate function. There’s a lot of off-market scrutiny. Radio has become a brand now. But it all comes down to local guys like Pete and Dani (on Fresh) and Brian and Luke on The Wolf, entertaining the local community and serving the local community. And that has never changed and never will.”

Gibb is the longtime announcer for the Peterborough Petes games of the Ontario Hockey League at the Peterborough Memorial Centre, often heading straight to the arena after his radio shift, taking naps while the teams snooze. warm up.

Gibb, who has been working from a home studio since the pandemic, is also a voiceover writer and announcer. He has his own oldies internet radio station which was launched in 2015.

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