Openview adds SABC Sport, 19 radio stations and 2 more SABC TV channels

More SABC channels to come on Openview.

Photo: Oleg Magni from Pexels

  • eMedia Investments and the South African public broadcaster have a new distribution agreement.
  • Openview adds three SABC TV channels and 19 radio channels.
  • “We hope this is the start of a stronger and more fruitful relationship between Openview and SABC,” said Antonio Lee, COO of eMedia Investments.

Openview adds the South African public broadcaster’s SABC Sport channel, along with its 19 SABC radio stations and two other as yet unannounced SABC TV channels, to its free satellite service as part of a new channel distribution agreement that ‘eMedia Investments and SABC describes it as “revolutionary”.

While eMedia Investments’ Openview has carried SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3 over the past few years until now, it has been payment free. The new expanded channel distribution agreement will bring more content to the Openview service while creating a new source of content revenue for the SABC.

Notwithstanding this platform-level agreement, SABC TV channels and radio stations will continue to compete for audience and advertising with the various eMedia-owned TV channels and services, in the same way as eMedia and SABC are currently competitors on the analog network.

Thanks to the channel distribution agreement which was announced Thursday evening at a media event in Hyde Park, Johannesburg and broadcast live on eNCA and SABC news channels, SABC officially enters the television market by unencrypted satellite, which will complete the SABC channel’s imprint on digital terrestrial television (TNT), as well as on streaming platforms such as Telkom ONE.

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SABC channels are already broadcast on satellite pay-TV services like MultiChoice’s DStv and StarTimes’ StarSat under so-called must-carry regulations, but in exchange for wider universal access, the broadcaster does is not paid for this distribution.

The first of three new SABC TV channels that will be added to Openview is SABC Sport which will soon launch on Openview, with eMedia saying it will announce a launch date in the next month.

In a reel of the SABC Sport channel that aired at the event, the public broadcaster teased coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and coverage of international football, South African rugby, local cricket and boxing.

SABC Sport will also be distributed simultaneously on Openview, TNT, Telkom ONE and other streaming platforms.

The other two SABC TV channels to be announced over the next three months will operate extensive SABC content and archived material and could likely include a general entertainment channel like the now defunct SABC channel that SABC provided to DStv as part of a transport. contract that ended.

eMedia and SABC say in a joint statement: “Openview and SABC believe this new agreement will accelerate the digital migration from exclusively analog homes to digital broadcasting platforms with more engaging free channels and content.

“With the TNT platform, Openview offers the public a free alternative in high definition (HD) to the analogue terrestrial and satellite pay options.”

Openview, which has increased its availability to 2.3 million TV households so far, and the SABC, say the “revolutionary new distribution agreement will improve the two companies in the free-to-air broadcast category” and that their collaboration ” signals a seismic change in the audiovisual landscape of the country ”.

“With this agreement, the SABC is ensuring that its content, in all its formats, continues to resonate with the prescriptions of its public mandate, and more so by providing universal access to credible content.

“The agreement also guarantees HD broadcast quality and free access to the SABC television network wherever you are in South Africa. For Openview, this agreement strengthens its strength in the direct-to-home space (DTH ) with additional content and a strong binding collaboration with the public broadcaster.

Antonio Lee, COO of eMedia Investments, said the distribution agreement “is an exciting development for both SABC and for ourselves. The agreement ushers in a new level of collaboration between a platform. -private free-to-air satellite form and free-to-air public broadcasting.

“There is no doubt that this will strengthen Openview’s offering and expand the reach of the SABC audience. We can now offer our Openview audience additional quality content and access to digital radio in the widest variety of languages ​​possible in South Africa. We hope this is the start of a stronger and more fruitful relationship between Openview and the SABC. “

Ian Plaatjes, COO of SABC, said: “This agreement allows SABC to expand its channel offering and reach the digital broadcasting space with three additional HD TV channels.

“The agreement also improves the distribution of SABC radio stations to create an increased value proposition for our radio advertising inventory.”

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