Norfolk’s online radio station plays catchy music during lockdown

Rob Lee has set up an online radio station during the lockdown

Submitted for publication by Rob Lee

Rob Lee, 27, originally from Essex but now living in Norfolk, set up an online radio station during the lockdown targeting the whole of the UK, not only to stay active and motivated but also to involve other people. He is currently out of work but has training in media dissemination.

Rob said: “I gathered music licenses for the station and decided, once I racked my brains for a name, to call it Jubilant FM in terms of happy and happy and to provide uplifting music. It has helped some people with mental health issues and it has been a huge achievement so far. “

The station has a group of volunteers and some have said how much it has really helped them with their mental health and well being. Bob from Essex hosts breakfast on weekdays, Lucy from Kent hosts weekday mornings, Nikki from Ireland, who is also the station’s deputy manager, hosts the weekday afternoon shows. Rob Lee, the founder of the station, organizes the National Driving Weekdays. Ray de Kent has a national evening show from 7pm on weeknights and there are many more shows with hosts from all over the UK and new presenters coming on board all the time.

Rob has always been interested in radio and created the station as a volunteer radio station for something to do and to help others get involved and meet like-minded people, said:

“I offer live shows and free virtual training to help as much as possible to have something I can be proud of and do and stay motivated in these tough times. I put them up and on board with the station.”

The station site is

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