Nigerian TV and radio stations threaten to shut down due to soaring fuel prices

The Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria has warned that television and radio stations in the country could shut down due to continued fuel shortages and soaring diesel prices.
Yemisi Bamgbose, executive secretary of BON, said broadcast stations can no longer cope with the continuing fuel shortage and soaring black market fuel prices.

“There is a continuing shortage of petroleum products and diesel, which powers the generators of these organizations, has more than doubled in price over the past four months,” the statement read.
Bamgbose pointed out that broadcast stations that rely heavily on fuel to power their machines and keep them at optimum temperature to prevent overheating, are now operating at a loss, which has lagged staff salaries.
“With diesel costs averaging over N700 per litre, and having to resort to buying black market petrol at over N2,000 per litre, broadcasters are running such huge deficits that staff salaries have been delayed,” the BON said. executive secretary.
According to her, the closure of television and radio stations will pose a huge threat to the security of the dissemination of verified information.
BON said the shortage must be addressed urgently “to avoid a complete shutdown of operations by broadcasters, most of whom have resorted to reducing transmission hours”.
The statement adds that failure to comply with this obligation will affect the dissemination of accurate and verified information and lead to “the unbridled proliferation of fake news and unverified information”.

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