Nicolas Jaar launches an online radio network

A new album seems imminent.

Nicolas jaar revealed that he had ended his Other People subscription service and started an online radio network.

The network allows listeners to browse channels between 0 and 333 in multiples of three, 324, 195, 108, 243, 225 and 33 being specifically recommended by the producer. Although the purpose of the station is unclear, fork speculates that this could be a track for a new album.

Jaar’s last official album was his debut in 2011 Space is noise. He followed this up with Psychic, the only album of Dark side, his collaborative project with guitarist Dave Harrington. More recently, Jaar has focused on smaller versions such as the Nymphs unique trilogy and Pomegranates, an alternative soundtrack to the film The color of pomegranates.

Head to Jaar radio station here and read his statement about it below.

“Dear Opies,

First of all I want to thank you for your amazing support over the past 3 years you have allowed us to experiment and grow. But more importantly, you have created a space for dozens of young artists from around the world to start or continue on their way.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

As some of you may have noticed, we have discontinued our monthly subscription. There are two reasons behind this decision. First of all, I will be playing live again and I will not be able to be fully present week after week. But it’s also a financial decision: every release was a labor of love, and I’ve started to become a DJ in recent years partly to fund the label. Now we’ll focus on a much smaller batch of annual releases starting in 2017.

Until then, the site will change to (Chrome preferably). I’ll let you find out what it is for yourself, but all I’ll say is that channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, 33 would be good places to start. And channel 333 will be a good place to end. Well that’s all, see you on the road.


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