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Are you a DJ who likes to post your mixes online? If so, chances are you have loaded a mix on Mixcloud at some point in your career. If you think you have a blend worth acknowledging, you’re in luck. The directory Mixcloud Online Radio Awards have started receiving nominations for this year’s awards.

According to their website, the aim of the annual awards is to “celebrate the best independent online radio and provide an essential platform for presenters, DJs, stations and podcasters”. That’s right. You can offer more than DJs for a particular price. Everyone from podcasters to presenters could be eligible for a prize. In case you were wondering, yes you can nominate yourself for a prize if you fall into one of the categories listed.

The site will have rewards for 29 different categories, which will be separated into 4 different groups. For example, if you were a fan of a particular DJ’s online show, you could nominate it for an award in the “Best Online Music Show” group. This is a great opportunity for you music lovers to make your voice heard and help give love to your favorite media. The submission deadline is April 26 and the finalists will be announced on May 10.

To learn more about the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, the site link can be found below.

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