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Sample screen from the FM Radio website.

The author is Marketing Manager for Radio FM.

Internet radio today allows the listener to access thousands or even hundreds of thousands of radios with just a few clicks.

They can travel to another country and listen to their favorite radio station, keep abreast of trends and news. If they are in Brazil, they can access stations all over Europe, and vice versa. If he lives in a less developed part of the world where visual media is lacking, the listener can still stay connected. Market leaders like NPR, Spotify, and iHeartRadio know the power of online radio.

Data Statistical tells us the following about internet radio:

Local radio digital advertising revenue in the United States at last count was $ 1.32 billion. Podcast revenue was $ 842 million and growing rapidly. Weekly time spent with online radio and other online audio sources has increased to 16 hours 14 minutes. The monthly reach of online radio among US adults aged 35 to 54 was 72%.

When COVID-19 spread like wildfire and confined people to their homes around the world, internet radio proved its worth again. Listeners could find endless music genres and types of information from traditional radio channels, online-only stations, and the latest podcasts.

For existing broadcasters, Internet radio has been a godsend, spreading their impact and making their stations accessible worldwide. New entrants benefit from Internet radio’s low start-up costs, low operating costs, and valuable audience information.

Directories like ours on FM radio provide exposure and the flexibility to manage your flow. Broadcasters should consider listing their stations on FM Radio because:

  • Each directory has its own user base, so by signing up you have the opportunity to reach your potential listeners or acquire new ones;
  • Since there are already thousands of stations listed in each directory, chances are your station will not appear in the first positions of a list. With Radio FM, you have the possibility to promote it for free for seven days, then to buy paid packs to list your station in the first five positions and gain visibility and thus acquire new listeners.
  • In addition to the broadcaster’s web portal, you can download the Partners app to manage your stations and track your performance on the go.

It is essential that online stations make sure that they are available and can be found online.

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