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As you know, the mother tongue is her mother tongue, and for Kenya, Swahili is her mother tongue. Swahili as a native language is widely spoken throughout the country and finds its heart in the coastal region of Kenya. It has been incorporated into various industries as a national language including the entertainment industry. In addition, there are several Swahili radio stations in Kenya that people can listen to wherever they are while still being busy on a daily basis.

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To maintain its ethnic language, Kenyan schools teach Kiswahili and offer specialized courses at higher education levels for language proficiency. Foreigners also embrace the language when visiting the country, quickly learning how to blend in well with Kenyan citizens.

Swahili radio stations in Kenya

If you don’t understand English, or if you are a patriotic Kenyan who believes in the importance of speaking your native language, you are not completely left out of the radio listening group. As much as English radio stations are the most popular and there is a surge in vernacular radio stations, there is something in place for you, swahili Radio stations.

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There are several stations in Kenya spread across various counties. Hence, you can listen to Swahili radio stations in Nairobi and other parts of the country. In addition, you can connect from your computer or smartphone and listen to Swahili radio online. Here is a list of radio stations in Kenya that present in Swahili.

1. Citizen Radio – Chemi Chemi Ya Ukweli

Radio Citizen is the number one Swahili radio station in Kenya. With coverage in most of Kenya’s major cities, it has the largest audience. Radio Citizen has been classified first radio because it has the highest audience among other radio stations.

The show targets the ordinary citizen and offers a variety of news, compelling talk shows, African tunes and games. It is famous for shows such as Roga Roga, Yaliyotendeka, Jambo Kenya, Chapa Kazi and Drive on. Its frequencies across the country include:

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  • Nairobi – 106.7 FM
  • Mombasa – 97.3 FM
  • Kisumu – 97.6 FM
  • Nakuru – 100.5 FM
  • Eldoret – 87.0 FM
  • Nyeri-104.3
  • See 98.1
  • Garissa – 95.7
  • Chuka-93.7
  • Wed- 94.3
  • Kitui – 89.9

You can visit their website to listen to Swahili radio online.

2. Milele FM – The house of African successes

The Mediamax Network radio station is also a benchmark in the entertainment industry. In 2020, it ranked second best Swahili radio station in Kenya after being 4th in 2019, beating Radio Maisha and Radio Jambo. This proves that this is a radio worth listening to as you go about your activities.

The station’s shows are lively and feature news, music and entertainment. Having award-winning journalists has enabled the show to win several awards over the years. In addition, it has managed to penetrate all over the country with coverage in the following areas:

  • 88.3 Kapenguria
  • 89.7 Taita Taveta / Voi / Vuria Hill
  • 91.3 Kitui (eas)
  • 91.7 Nyeri / Hill (cen)
  • 92.7 Webuye (wes)
  • 95.1 Kisii / Nyangururu
  • 96.7 Mombasa / Mazeras (coa)
  • 98.7 Narok (rif)
  • 99.7 Kisumu / Kiboswa (nyz)
  • 100.2 Nakuru (rif)
  • 100.2 Nyahururu / Nyadundo (cen)
  • 101.5 Meru / Nyambene Hills (eas)
  • 103.1 Eldoret (rif)
  • 104.3 Kibwezi (eas)
  • 104.8 Nairobi
  • 104.8 Limuru / Valley Road (cen)
  • 107.8 Kericho (rif)

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You can also be a Milele FM listener by agree online so as not to miss the shows.

3. Radio Maisha – Tuko Mbele Pamoja

Swahili radios
Configuration of the radio studio microphone. Photo: @nittygritty_photo
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The Standard Group Swahili station is renowned for having one of the best Kiswahili radio presenters who floods it with listeners from across the country. It is the third best Swahili radio station in Kenya, and listening to it will not be a waste of time.

Shows range from entertainment, sports, news to music. They understand:

  • Log in
  • Maisha countdown
  • Maisha Kilimo
  • Safari
  • Nuru Ya Lugha
  • Maisha Asubuhi
  • Reggae splash

The frequencies of Radio Maisha are as follows:

  • Nairobi 102.7
  • Mombasa 105.1
  • Kisumu 105.3
  • Nyeri 105.7
  • Meru 105.1
  • Nakuru 104.5
  • Malindi 108.3
  • Webuye 95.9
  • Garissa 88.7
  • Voi and Taita Taveta 107.4
  • Narok 102.3
  • Kisii 91.3
  • Kericho 90.5
  • Eldoret 91.1
  • Marsabit 88.3
  • Turkana 93.1

You can keep an eye on the latest station information by listen live wherever you are.

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4. Radio Jambo – Ongea Uskike

You wouldn’t want to miss the most popular Kiswahili radio show hosted on Radio Jambo. The station is famous and crowned for its show, Patanisho, hosted by Joseph Oyoo and Jacob Mulee, aka Gidi a Ghost.

It also has other programs which are entertainment, news, sports and information. Among his shows are Maskani, Injili Jumapili and Pembe Za Kenya. The frequencies of Radio Jambo are:

  • Kisumu 100.1
  • Mombasa 92.3
  • Nakuru 96.9
  • Eldoret 99.5
  • Nyeri 99.3
  • Nyahururu 97.3
  • Webuye 95.3
  • Meru 92.7
  • Kitui 104.9
  • Kibwezi 104.7
  • See 105.7
  • Malindi 98.1
  • Lamu 104.7
  • Narok 97.3
  • Kapenguria 99.7
  • Kisii 89.3
  • Garissa 104.3
  • Maralal 97.3
  • Lodwar 92.7

You can listen to Swahili radio station online in login to their website and playing the live stream.

5. Pwani FM – Tafrija Kipwani!

At the heart of the Kiswahili language is a Swahili radio station popular with the inhabitants of the coast. Pwani FM has the smoothest Kiswahili radio presenters, so if you’re looking to listen to one station that will sharpen and improve your Swahili, this is it.

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Being a coastal radio station, it only has frequencies in three areas, Mombasa 103.1 FM, Malindi 93.7 FM and Taita Taveta 103.7 FM. You can also listen to it online via

6. KBC Radio Taifa – Sauti ya Mkenya

Swahili radios
A radio host in the studio. Photo: @elijahmerrellmedia
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When we talk about a legendary radio, we must refer to Radio Taifa. It is hosted by the founding media station, KBC, and was established in 1953. On the contrary, this station will provide you with the necessary Swahili news, entertainment and sports since it was created to serve Kenyans who mainly spoke and understood Kiswahili at the time. The frequencies of the station are:

  • Nyeri / Hill 87.6
  • Kisumu / Kiboswa 88.6
  • Timboroa 88.6
  • Lodwar 88.6
  • Garissa 89.9
  • Meru / Nyambene Hills 90.4
  • Nairobi / Limuru 92.9
  • Wajir 92.9
  • Eldoret / Siani 93.3
  • Malindi 96.5
  • Taita Taveta / Voi / Vuria Hill 96.9
  • Mombasa / Mazeras 100.7
  • Kisumu / Kiboswa 100.9
  • Kisii / Nyangururu 103.3
  • Nakuru / Menengai Hill 104.1
  • Kisumu / Kiboswa 104.5

7. Radio Safari – Safiri Nasi

If you are in the vicinity of Kitale in Trans Nzoia County, you cannot afford to miss listening to this Swahili radio station. It has established itself as a leading, reliable, fair and rapidly growing station since 2018. You can tune in on 89.7 FM and online at

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8. Radio Simba – Sauti Ya Jamii

The western region is also well represented with this Bungoma-based Swahili radio, targeting the western, Rift Valley and Nyanza regions. The station broadcasts updates, information, music, news, entertainment and educational issues. You can tune to 91.3 FM or visit their website to listen live.

9. Sema FM – Sauti Ya Vijanaa

The Swahili radio station is based in Webuye and has hosts who are passionate about entertaining their listeners in the best possible way. Sema FM is broadcast on 98.3 FM and is also listened live online.

Even though English radio stations have populated the airwaves, there are Swahili radio stations that you can listen to during your day. They are also good if you are looking to switch between English and Swahili stations. Stations are also available online; therefore, you can listen to them anywhere and anytime.

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