‘Liberal’ Latino Media Group to take over 2 ‘conservative’ radio stations in Miami

MIAMI – There was a parade of elected Republicans. One after another expressed deep concern over the sale of iconic radio stations, Radio Mambí 710 AM and WQBA 1140 AM, to Miami.

Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez said she fears this is a takeover of South Florida’s only real local conservative radio station. She accused Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros of a “liberal” power grab.

Soros is a favorite target of many on the political right and has been a frequent subject conspiracy theories, some of which have been branded as anti-Semitic.

“What we won’t accept is an attempt to control the narrative, to silence conservative viewpoints because it doesn’t fit into an overall agenda that is, in my view, very damaging to this country.” , Nuñez said.

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Local AM radio stations, now owned by Univision, will be sold to the Latin Media Network, which is buying 18 stations across the country for $60 million. Funding for the operation comes from a company associated with Soros, who is known for his generous political donations to Democratic politicians.

“It’s a radio station right now, promoting great replacement theory, promoting xenophobic thinking, saying anti-Semitic things,” said Joe Garcia, a former Democratic congressman, adding that he was looking forward to the sale as it will add some balance. to the local journalistic discourse.

The company vying to own the radio stations released a statement: “The stations we acquired in Miami have been institutions in the Cuban community for decades and Cuba’s freedom is one of their key issues. we wholeheartedly believe in this mission, and we will remain true to the spirit of freedom that has guided them for decades.

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