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Broadcaster and saxophonist Leo Green, whose career has featured on both Jazz FM and BBC Radio 2, is about to launch his brand new online radio platform.

Leo says LGRADIO.ONLINE will be aimed at listeners who feel they are not served by the music policies of popular mainstream stations, and will be available through a monthly subscription.

It will feature daily shows celebrating the music of the 1950s, 1960s, the Motown catalog, classic soul, rock and pop, jazz, and the Great American Songbook, as well as in-depth artist interviews.

Along with curated playlists and assortment of themed shows and presented daily, Green will be ‘in conversation’ with various artists and using the archives of interviews recorded by his late father Benny Green.

Leo and Benny’s “In Conversation” series will feature in-depth conversations with artists such as Sir Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Tony Bennett and others.

Additionally, LGRADIO.ONLINE will broadcast content from Benny Green’s audio archives. “In The Benny Green Archives” presents Benny’s thoughts on the songwriters, singers and musicians of the heyday of Hollywood and Broadway, many of whom he has known and worked for.

Leo Green comments: “LGRADIO.ONLINE is all about my passion for music and conversation. I truly believe there is an audience for a subscription platform, which delivers a variety of great music and conversation, that people of all ages will want to hear and enjoy. I don’t think music should be classified according to the age of the listener.

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