KPRL launches new FM 99.3 radio channel


Teams working on the installation of the new tower.

–After more than 70 years of broadcasting on the AM dial, KPRL began broadcasting on FM on Tuesday afternoon. The station duplicates the current programming on 99.3 FM, using a translator. The FM signal covers North County in a similar pattern to the current AM signal at 12:30 p.m.

“We are delighted to simultaneously broadcast our programming on FM to reach more potential listeners,” said Owner / General Manager Kevin Will. “This is a great addition to the service KPRL has provided to the community since the station signed on in 1947.”

KPRL broadcasts local news and talk shows as well as syndicated programs like Rush Limbaugh, Buck Sexton and other nationally sponsored chat hosts.

The station broadcasts nationally syndicated news programming, the Oakland Raiders and the NFL playoffs. KPRL also broadcasts Templeton High School football games. The station is located in the original art deco building at 32nd and Oak, built in 1946 to house the radio station.

KPRL 1230 AM will be suspended for several hours on Saturday while the transmitter is moved to the new radio tower. The new tower was erected recently on the east side of the Salinas River.

Chief Engineer Bill Bordeaux says construction of the tower went well. He says, “We got the job done. The new tower is ready to go.

Saturday morning around 10 a.m., KPRL will be turned off so that the engineer can move the transmitter from the old tower to the new one. This movement should only last a few hours. During the move, listeners can tune into KPRL on their new FM station located at 99.3 on the FM dial.

KPRL AM will be back on the air around 6 p.m. Saturday night. The FM version will continue to broadcast simulcast on 99.3 FM.

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