Kingsway pastor to launch online radio channel to encourage talent


Linda Mntungwa is about to launch an online radio channel to provide aspiring presenters and artists with a platform to showcase their talents.

The Voice of the People Radio (VOP) will go live in October.

The 42-year-old said he created the platform to build community and empower young people to unleash their potential.

“I exercise my ministry in a disadvantaged community where there are no opportunities for young people. As a leader, I thought about developing something that would uplift the community, ”said Linda.

“There is always a misconception about churches because people think pastors are the ones to benefit. However, it is our duty to empower the communities in which we work. “

The Chairman of the Kingsway Pastors Forum said there were a lot of young people who wanted to get into the media industry, but the opportunities were limited.

“Even though this is an online radio station, I think it will reach the masses because almost everything is now done digitally.

“We already have 12 volunteer presenters, but we also need volunteers who will focus on marketing and administration,” he said.

“After the launch, I plan to engage with local businesses so that they can help us market the channel.”

The pastor said their shows will aim to uplift and educate listeners while keeping them entertained.

“I want the community to be informed and equipped with true stories. Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a lot of fake news that has misled the community. My goal is to make sure people receive the correct information about everything that is happening in their communities.

“I also want to see these young people get opportunities at well-known radio stations after learning basic skills on this platform,” Linda said.

Linda said that in addition to being a pastor, her church, House of Grace Evangelist Church International, has always given to the less fortunate.

“We would also appreciate a donation of a computer and printer to help us set up a studio at the church.”

They recently donated school shoes and sanitary napkins to children in need in the Kingsway community.

Linda added that he is grateful for the help he received from Petros Khoza, who is the founder of Radio Vutta and DaveytonTV.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a presenter or offering other skills can send Linda a short motivation by email at [email protected]


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