Kate Bush ‘Running up That Hill’ takes over radio stations after topping the charts

Stranger Things has become a way for Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” to regain recognition and retake the charts in the weeks prior to the series’ release, but will it also top the charts? radio stations?

According to Billboard, the track currently sits at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. This is the song’s highest position since its release 37 years ago. It previously peaked at No. 30 in 1985.

The song has secured its position through sales and airplay on online music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

It also topped the digital song sales and streaming songs chart this week.

After its chart success, it looks like Bush will have to celebrate even more as the track begins to take over radio airplay.

According to the outlet, the song scored 5.3 million all-format radio audiences from June 9-15.

Billboard also has an Alternative Airplay chart where they based the numbers on radio stations playing songs.

Initially, Bush topped the chart in 1989 with his song “Love and Anger”. Today, “Running Up That Hill” sits at No. 26, making it its return to the chart since 1994.

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The song’s success on the radio is not stopping anytime soon as it has become popular on top 40 stations.

According to Houston’s KHMX Brand Manager, Melissa Chase, the song’s recent popularity is surprising and not unwanted.

Speaking of his success, the manager said, “When an 80s song comes back as a major storyline in a massive show [and] jumps back on the charts and topping the downloads and streaming charts, you have to pay attention and realize there’s an appetite for this song.

TikTok and other platforms used by younger generations contribute significantly to its success. Kate Bush has also become a trending topic because of memes.

The manager added that the track is an artist’s “magic power” to connect different generations, and she thinks it’s beautiful.

At other radio stations like Detroit’s WDVD, FM programming director David Corey said their station played the song an average of five times a day for the past two weeks.

The radio takeover of the song comes weeks after Bush reacted to the song in a rare statement.

Speaking to her official website, the English singer said the song has been given a “whole new life” by younger generations, and it’s exciting for her.

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