Indotel closes six radio stations, TV channels and internet resellers

Indotel reiterates that it will not authorize new stations

Santo Domingo, DR
The Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) reported the closure of six radio stations, 25 Internet resellers and an illegally operating television channel. Closures have occurred from October to date.

The closures took place in Cotuí, Miches, La Vega, Boca Chica, Sánchez, from Samaná, and Maimón, from Monseñor Nouel.

Indotel reiterated the suspension of the issuance of authorizations to operate new radios.

The institute pointed out that on the 12th of this month, ten temporary closure and seizure operations were carried out against companies illegally reselling the Internet in the municipality of San Felipe, province of Puerto Plata, representing the largest number of operations carried out in one day. by this establishment. Indotel Chairman Nelson Arroyo said his administration is committed to deepening the fight against illegal broadcasters and that these operations will continue against stations operating without legal authorization, in violation of Law 153-98 which grants broad telecommunications control and surveillance powers, as well as the standards and regulations that govern the use of the radio spectrum in the country.

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