Indore Central Jail Gets Own FM Radio Channel “Jail Vaani”

The Central Jail radio channel is called ‘Jail Vaani-FM 18.77’ and will keep inmates updated on world events, health issues and entertainment.

In its attempt to keep inmates informed of what is happening in the outside world, Indore Central Jail has its own radio channel ‘Jail Vaani-FM 18.77’.

Through the radio channel, the prisoners hope to catch entertainment, while becoming aware of events taking place in the world. The radio channel will also provide inmates with information on health issues.

“The administration wants the prisons to look like correctional institutions. Through this radio channel, inmates will learn about what is happening in the world,” said Alka Sonkar, superintendent of the prison.

Sonkar credited Madhya Chief Minister Shivraj Singh for the move. “He is sensitive to this matter and gave a lot of encouragement. We started the radio station by taking the necessary authorization for it,” she added.

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