How London’s online radio stations light up the airwaves during lockdown | London Evening Standard


It’s calm, too calm. So if you find the soundtrack of the lockdown silence a little (or too) oppressive, grab the internet radio dials and get started.

For local London radio stations, all of the friendly and familiar neighborhood heroes (though often unrecognized beyond those already in the know) at best, took to the mic in the absence of the usual noise and noise. have climbed to 11 in the last month of quarantine, tags for curated and quality content (by what I mean probably DJs) and everyday voices (also DJs) to guide you through these volatile hours. With nowhere to go and no one to see, most of us are just thankful that we have someone else’s schedule to stick to (although the beauty of internet radio is that you can always listen back).

Soho Radio, for example, has spent the past four weeks setting up numerous radio stations at presenters to keep the airwaves alive. In peacetime, the online station (which won Time Out magazine’s event of the decade for a 12-hour street party it hosted last year) hosts 200 stations, and the lockdown doesn’t has not slowed down. “Having a voice in your home to keep you company can be a lifeline,” says Rachael Bird, studio manager for Soho Radio. “It’s always nice to have a voice on the air that makes it seem like it’s only talking to you.” Whether it’s Claire Lynch’s daily 9am cultural show, always lively from her home in the heart of Soho (ah, we miss Soho), or the roster of DJs who always spin through “Self-isolation sessions” – tune in to Pete Paphides, Steve Mason and Norman Jay MBE – it’s music to stay at home.

The Soho Radio Vinyl Sessions, available on YouTube and replayed on air, are also worth revisiting: artists from Paul Weller to Sampa the Great recording two tracks directly on dubplate. Connect to

On NTS Radio, Hackney’s beloved online radio stronghold, they still offer 24/7 service. Hosts like James Massiah, the inimitable voice prodigy, and Flo Dill, the mastermind behind World in Flo Motion time, also uploaded their own survival guide videos to the resort’s Instagram page documenting their experiences. efforts to pass the time locked out (“I wake up, I make coffee, I listen to Charlie Bones and it makes me happy”). Live, from their room to yours, at

Balamii, radiating original Peckham mixes, with a fixed but flexible focus on playing the best and brightest house, techno and garage curations from SE15, can be found at

On Worldwide FM, stuck in his basement with more than 50,000 records in his collection, Gilles Peterson took advantage of his time in confinement to explore his catalog and collect “The 20” favorite songs across the most famous genres of the world. station: from Brit funk to Brazilian jazz, disco to break beat. It’s Thursday at 9 a.m.

Look, we’re not saying the lockdown vibe – birdsong, NHS applause, the occasional rumble of an Ocado delivery truck – doesn’t have its moments. But if you can’t travel, at least your ears can. To agree.

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