GTA V radio stations are the most immersive part of the game

Sit back and relax to some tunes.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most recognizable names in gaming history, one of the best games in 21st century, but the GTA V radio stations are the forgotten gem of this beloved game. You might think that the plethora of interesting and quirky characters the game has, or the amazing missions, among other things, are the game’s biggest selling point. Well, that might be true, but the music, hey well… it’s just on another level of immersion.

This gorgeous open-world game owes a lot to its diverse selection of radio stations, and while the missions are great, blowing up police helicopters is also fantastically evil, but how about just driving – maybe in the noir – listening to your favorite radio station over and over – it doesn’t really get much more immersive than that.

But it’s not only GTA V because older games also had a certain musical magic. city ​​of vice and San Andreas were two games in the series that contained such an array of musical talent. However, we are here to talk about the GTA V radio stations, and boy are there any epic stations to choose from. And keep in mind that you have to change stations depending on the area you are driving in – this is just an unwritten rule.

Rebel Radio is an iconic, albeit small, radio station with just 17 songs; with songs from Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, you’ll be line dancing until the sun goes down before you know it. Or how about Los Santos Rock Radio, exploring the songs of Elton John, Pat Benatar and Queen, a veritable selection of rock icons that you can also browse around town. West Coast Classics is also an unmistakable classic, including hip-hop greats such as Ice Cube and Tupac, making you feel like an absolute G – you know that. But perhaps the best and most immersive radio station of the lot is the brilliant FlyLo Fm, with a myriad of wonderfully eclectic electronic music hosted by real-life producer Flying Lotus. The selection of tracks will send you into space and take you back on those long drives through those starry nights.

Whatever your favorite – because you’re sure to have one, that’s a given – adopt it for real the next time you drive through this open-world experience, it might be the best thing you will do in this game.


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