Former Congressman Steve King sells his book online

Photo courtesy of Steve King.

Former Iowa Congressman Steve King has released a book that names and blames some fellow Republicans and GOP-aligned interest groups for what King calls a ‘massive conspiracy’ to end his career Politics.

“Maybe some of the people in that upper echelon who might get their tail feathers scorched a bit in this book will reset themselves and be the decent human beings that I knew before I did this,” King said during an interview. an interview on Tuesday evening. .

King, who is 72, said things “started to melt” for him politically just before the 2018 election when the the wall street journal and others blamed him for meeting with members of a Hungarian political party associated with the neo-Nazi movement. After King’s narrow 3% victory over Democrat JD Scholten, Gov. Kim Reynolds told reporters King had to “decide whether he wants to represent the people and values ​​of the Fourth District or do something else.”

A chapter in King’s book is titled “Redefining McCarthyism” and lists his complaints about Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican in the United States House of Representatives. In early 2019, McCarthy said the party “would not tolerate” King’s comments on white supremacy and removed King from House committees. In the book, King accuses McCarthy of blocking steps that could have led to King regaining those committee assignments.

“I just couldn’t believe there could be, I would say, such a low level of integrity at these high levels in the office,” King said today.

Radio Iowa could not reach a spokesperson for McCarthy.

King endorsed Ted Cruz before the 2016 Iowa caucuses and King admitted in the Radio Iowa interview that there was a “political cost” once Trump won, as Trump did not publicly acknowledge King in 2018 or when King faced a primary GOP opponent in 2020.

“That’s part of the cancellation that happened and the governor was involved in part of that,” King said. “…(Reynolds) took Randy Feenstra by the hand and brought him back to shake President Trump’s hand.”

A spokesperson for Governor Reynolds declined to comment. Feenstra, who finished 10 points ahead of King in a field of five GOP primary candidates, was elected to Congress last November with 62.2% of the vote in the Fourth Congressional District.

The title of the book is called “Walking Through the Fire” and King said it was partly written so that his eight grandchildren could read his own words rather than “the 41 pages (about him) on Wikipedia”.

“I am very grateful to my staff, my family and my true friends. None of them let me go through all of this – not one staff member, not one family member said, ‘You know dad, you’ve gone too far’ or anything like that,” he said. King told Radio Iowa. “The real people in my life have stayed together.”

The book can be purchased online at, and King said his publisher will publish it nationwide within weeks. The book was published by a company co-founded by Oliver North, the former president of the National Rifle Association and television host implicated in the Reagan administration’s Iran-Contra affair.

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