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As tonight brings the first two episodes of Ryan murphy & Brad Falchuk‘s American Horror Story: Double feature film, we also have sad news regarding the FX & FX reports on Hulu’s long-running horror anthology series. We have to admit that we have become big fans of these KPCD 666 Cape Radio shows. Divided into three chapters, the three- to eight-minute tracks follow Rose Flynn as she hosts a nighttime radio show from the fictional Provincetown public station, each show revealing names, places, and clues that factor in “Red Tide “in a very big way. But do we really enjoy the “Welcome to Nightvale” vibe for them, and on a personal level? We are really worried about Rose. Sorry, but we had to say it. Don’t judge us.

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This time around, Rose’s speculation that the illegal drug market and the growing number of nighttime wanderers could be linked – and what about those “shark attacks”? Unfortunately, Rose may have asked too many questions and connected too many dots to the air. So without further ado, here is the third chapter of the KPCD 666 Cape Radio broadcast day. All the talk, news and local tunes from the tip of Route 6 your heart can handle:

In yesterday’s chapter, Rose finds herself in bad weather but is still on the air doing her job. We have accusations of people being “bloodsuckers”, vandalized stores, “black market drugs” (black pills?!?), And an advertisement for The Muse restaurant / bar. And are we reading too much into things or do they imply Rose has a drug problem?

Here’s a look back at the first broadcast “chapter”, with the first round of clues that included “severe road fatalities,” Chief Burelson’s announcement (Adina porter) arrived in town, a sample of the author Belle Noir (Francoise Conroy) writing, and more “

The following are nine very cool mini-recaps, one for each of the seasons in the popular series. Even after watching all nine seasons at least once before, the following clips were a good “refresher course” on the origins of the series (and made us want to binge on “Apocalypse”). So from “Murder House” to “1984”, a look back at nine seasons and ten years of american horror story:

Now here’s your take on the official FX’s trailer. American Horror Story: Double Feature Film, ready to trigger a “red tide” from August 25:

American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 1: Red Tide) S10E01 “Cape Fear”: A struggling writer, his pregnant wife, and their daughter move to a remote seaside town for the winter. Once installed, the real inhabitants of the city begin to make themselves known. Written by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk; directed by John J. Gray.

American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 1: Red Tide) S10E02 “Pale”: A Quick Fix for Harry’s Writer’s Block has some unexpected side effects. Two eccentric locals offer Harry a helping hand. Written by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy; directed by Loni Peristère.

American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 1: Red Tide) stars Sarah paulson like TB Karen, Evan peters like Austin, Finn wittrock as Harry Gardener, Lily rabe like Doris Gardener, Francoise Conroy like Belle Noire, Leslie Grossman like Ursule, Billie Lourd like Alouette, Adina porter as Chief Burelson, Angelique Ross like the chemist, Macaulay Culkin like Mickey, Ryan kiera armstrong as Alma’s gardener, Spencer Novitch as a pale person, and V Nixie as a pale person. Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, and Chad Michaels also star.

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