Daveyton youth to launch online radio station to promote local talent


Excitement is building for Petros Khoza, a resident of Daveyton, who has launched an online radio channel to promote local talent.

RadioVutta will go live in September; however, the online platform was founded in 2018 to unite the community through radio.

The 30-year-old said the online radio station is long overdue for the community of Daveyton.

“The residents were waiting for it and our local artists needed a platform where they can be celebrated and share their music with the locals,” said Petros.

RadioVutta station manager Samuel Khumalo is delighted to be part of this new venture. Photo: Supplied

“Nothing hurts like being celebrated outside when your own pitch can’t do the same for you. RadioVutta is the solution for all emerging artists.

The channel, which has 15 volunteers, broadcasts music while raising funds to purchase the necessary equipment.

“Our breakfast show will aim to entertain while educating and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. The midday show will focus on social ills. The shows are under development, ”he said.

“The community should listen to RadioVutta because it’s the voice of fire and they won’t apologize. At the same time, we are here to rebuild humanity. It’s something people dreamed of and the platform opened up opportunities for local musicians, music producers and radio presenters. “

The community developer urged the public to support their fundraiser by purchasing coffee mugs and key chains.

“This will help us raise enough funds to buy a kiosk and generator so that we can take advantage of a mobile studio to broadcast around street corners to generate interest,” said Petros.

He is also the founder of Daveyton TV, which was created to provide residents and other neighborhoods with a platform to share stories, motivation and appreciate local talent and present interesting content.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a presenter or offering other skills can email Petros at [email protected] Where [email protected] or follow Radiovutta social media pages or visit https://radiovutta.co.za/


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