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NAGPUR: In a video-dominated world, where the younger generation barely knows the legacy of radio, members of the Nagpur for Kids (NFK) club got a glimpse of how the old form of communication worked, yet the most accessible and most powerful. Technology. 94.3 My FM organized an exclusive visit of NFK Club members to its Sadar studio on Monday.
The visit aimed to educate children about the daily operation and work ethic of a radio station.
Radio jockeys (RJ) from radio station Rajan and Neel started the tour with a talk about radio stations and asked the children what they knew. However, the kids only knew about RJs and some popular radio commercials from the past.
Discussing the scope of radio, RJ Rajan said that a radio station has very wide penetration regardless of what people believe.
“The operation of a radio is divided into two departments, sales and programming. The two departments contribute equally to the operation of a station, ”he said.
Later, the children discovered different profiles like copywriters, producers and programmers and their work.
RJs also demonstrated how content is produced. The children also learned the intricate details of jingle production.
“Radio is also called infotainment media. Although we are not allowed to disseminate information, we present it in a subtle way that is humorous and also touches the heart, ”said RJ Neel.
Last but not least, the RJs discussed the different career opportunities in broadcasting and the skills required for the same. RJ Rajan also streamed the video of the discussion live on Facebook.
“We focus on the imagination of our listeners. Content production aims to touch hearts and bind listeners to radio. The process is called theater of the mind, ”said RJ Neel.
He added: “The job of a radio station is full of hard work and must possess the art of making any topic interesting.” He also called on parents to let their children break professional stereotypes and explore life.
(Report by Praveen Tewari).

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