Arqiva says these radio stations will be unavailable for up to two hours

A recent BBC announcement revealed that a number of radio stations and are expected to be unavailable until two hours today.

Arqiva, the operators of the Bilsdale mast site, informed BBC Radio Tees of the affected stations at around 11.50am this morning.

Stations including 95FM, DAB, all BBC national DABs and all commercial radios from there will be down.

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The shutdown is expected to last between 90 minutes and two hours, according to BBC Radio Tees.

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<p>  In the meantime, the BBC directed its listeners to BBC Sounds.
<p>  It is not currently known why there was a stoppage.
<p>  A spokesperson for Arqiva said: “Planned work is underway on the Eston Nab transmitter which affects a subset of <a class=radio services, but not TV services. We apologize for the short outage. radio service.”

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