Angelique Greffrath, singer of Helderkruin, chooses the online radio song of the year 2021

In every note and every beat is the reminder that music is an endless journey.

In the limelight from an early age, Angélique Greffrath proves that fame is fleeting, but class is permanent. A string of hits dating back to August 2020 has resulted in multiple accolades and an international playlist track. Straddling the line between alternative rock and pop, the Helderkruin songstress was recently named Song of the Year 2021 by BikerHart Radio for her December release, Waar was jy?

First appearing in a television commercial as a toddler, Angelique would appear in several other commercials and publications before completing her education. With a more hoarse than operatic voice, she did not initially impress her more conservative school choir teachers, but joined the band Tradisie Masjien while then at Rand Afrikaans University. There she would team up with guitarist and vocalist Johan Meyer, beginning a nearly 20-year journey.

Angelique Greffrath. Photo: provided.

Besides BikerHart Radio’s 2021 Song of the Year award, Angélique also picked Song of the Month on the digital radio platform for November and December. Waar was jy? was December’s recipient, while Aan die maan se kant, a duet with Johan, got the go-ahead for November. To make things sweeter, the tracks ended the year as number one and two songs on the BikerHart Hit Parade for 2021.

The award-winning songs as well as the precursor that sets the tone for Waar were jy? have a long history. “The songs Wye Wereld, Waar was jy and Aan die maan se kant were written 18 years ago by Johan when we were part of Tradisie Masjien. We used to play them together on stage and it was a powerful collaboration. Our styles complemented each other and portrayed this powerful rock force,” enthused Angélique.

“Wye Wereld successfully portrays the first phase following a breakup with someone you loved very much. The emotion is usually deep sadness, disappointment and a desire that this relationship has stood the test of time,” she explained, “The phase that this emotion follows is usually one of anger and unanswered questions. You start to wonder if this person really loved you all these years. That’s where Waar was jy is from.

In addition to being a star, Angélique is a successful mother, wife and business owner. “My family is my first priority. I have two beautiful children and I have an amazing husband who supports my musical endeavors 100%. As a full-time career woman, I sometimes have to burn the midnight oil to make the music fit my lifestyle. As it is an integral part of my identity, I must honor it in order to remain true to myself. Music gives me energy,” she said.

Angelique’s English offering, Safe Outside, is played on radio stations around the world. Wye Wereld’s video is currently streaming on kykNET’s NOU, and music videos for the remaining songs are in the works. Vowing never to stop creating, Angelique said, “If my music can touch a person’s heart, my goal is achieved. It’s that simple.”

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