A band of youth radios

Nick Karkazis is Program Director and Head of Imaging at SPIN 1038 in Ireland. He doesn’t use the word “youth” too often because his audience wouldn’t really like that word, but he has worked incredibly hard to attract the “young” audience to his station.

Nick has created several specialty shows. One of his most successful tricks has been using podcasters to drive engagement and reach audiences. SPIN 1038 put hit Irish podcasts on the radio and also backed them up with radio personalities on air. Did it work? Yes, the ratings came and the station brand grew massively.

Another strategy has been for SPIN 1038 to be visible at events and parties where the public will be present. Why are they doing this? It’s not always about listening right away, it’s more about being associated with cool events and being on the minds of young people. Audience growth comes later…

Petter Hallen, Swedish radio host and Amel Suljevic, producer of Swedish radio P3, spoke second.

They have worked hard to attract people who have never listened to the radio. Two things they tried to do: Give birth to new stars and give the audience a lot of hip hop music (because young Swedish audiences love hip hop). One strategy, which worked very well, was to bring new hip hop talent to the station. Put hip hop stars on the radio…

And live music was also important. P3 invites more and more rappers into the studio to perform, regularly trying out new artists and new formats. The team is proud to also be the first station to interview artists. If they come first, the audience respects that.

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