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We know that when it comes to apps from the Google Play Store, there is a plethora of app categories and it’s not that easy to explore all of them. But still, we can do our best to find the coolest apps that can answer us in our daily activities. These apps help us in our work, leisure, study, entertainment, etc. So, today I came up with this article, in which I included the best online radio apps to stream different AIR channels to Android phones, and it is one of the most popular app categories sought after by people in 2020. Therefore, now let me go straight into the article.

Best Android AM FM Radio Apps

Simple Radio: Free Live FM AM Online Radio Station

This small size 14MB app is one of the most popular apps available on the market. Once you download it, you have the freedom to access and listen to your radio stations across the world, be it UK, US and more. It is backed by fifty thousand crazy radio stations and yes it is more than enough, you will surely never miss your favorite tracks, and also stay tuned to world news ranging from politics, sports, science, etc. To enjoy it all, all you need to do is download it, register, and then let the fun begin, it’s as easy as the name. The user interface is also very user-friendly and you will probably like it a lot. As for in-app purchases, it’s 200 rupees.

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Radio garden

One more player on our list, let us check it out. As the name suggests, this app has thousands of radio stations in its garden. The green colored dots present there are symbols of various towns or cities and after clicking on the dot of your favorite town or towns you will be tuned to the radio stations broadcasting from that particular area. Not only that, this app frequently changes its radio stations, but it also adds new and hot stations and eliminates those which are no longer active or which have lost the trust and interest of the public. Plus, you can save all your favorite stations and listen to them with a single click whenever you want. It’s a small 13MB app. Right now you might be thinking about in-app purchases, well, it’s in the range of Rs 100-390.

Garden radio best app for android

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Online Radio – PCRadio

Want to broadcast live radio, but at the same time your internet connection is not very fast or you don’t have WiFi connection at home? If so, then this app might be helpful for you. It comes with tons of radio stations and yes you are pretty sure to find your favorite station and tracks there. With the help of this application, you can listen to your music while traveling at low internet speed and this without compromising the quality. This app can also be controlled from your headset. The amount of money involved in in-app purchases is Rs 85-410. Finally, the size of this app is only 8MB.

PCRADIO Online Radio

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Radio.Net – Radio and podcast application

It has all your favorite international radio stations galore and you are sure to love it. As for the international stations, it has over thirty thousand of them and also includes most of your big and famous local stations. You can browse all the stations and save all your favorites so that you can easily find and stream them with one click whenever you want. It also comes with specific alarms for the radio so you can set reminders for your favorite stations. All the stations you have listened to are automatically added to the recent tab. You can search for all your favorite stations and songs and rest assured that you are sure to find them. It also comes with many more cool features waiting to be roughed up by you. Also, it is a small size 8MB app. Now let me shock you that it is completely free and does not have in-app purchases.

radio.net radio and podcast application

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FM radio!

It contains many local and international radio stations, and you just need to search for your favorite station and start having fun. Plus, you can stay tuned to all the happenings in different parts of the globe as it brings all the world news straight to your ears. Are you a sports fanatic? If you are, smile, as various stations will provide you with all the sport-related information, big and small, and keep you connected to the global world. Moreover, you can also browse thousands of stations and add all the ones that fascinate you to your favorites. It comes with some amazing features and in-app purchases range from 72 to 400 rupees here.

FM radio with international stations for Android

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Radio Jango

Do you want an ad-free online radio experience? Then this app is just designed for you. This small size 5MB app is one of the best apps of its kind. You can search for your favorite station, your favorite artist or just your favorite track and you will display the result. One of the most awesome features of this app is that you can create your own radio stations with your favorite artists in ti and then listen to them whenever you want with just one click, and it is just superb. What’s more, you can ban any songs you don’t like as well, and this app will never play those songs for you. You can also limit the quality of the song you listen to, depending on the internet connection you have. All in all, he has a lot to offer you. And, what is shocking is that you don’t have to pay any rupees because this app is absolutely free and doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

Jango Radio best radio apps for Android

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So, these are the six best online radio apps that you can all look forward to. All of these apps are just perfect, and you should try your favorite one, and yes I know most likely you just might have found the one that suits you the best after going through the article.


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