5 Best Radio Stations to Calm the Dogs This Bonfire Night Tops Smooth FM’s List

Music experts have revealed the 5 best radio stations to help calm pets as animal lovers across the country prepare for the fireworks displays set to take place tonight.

One of the most popular ways to help keep dogs calm during Bonfire Night is to cover the crackling and banging with music.

However, the type of music played is important with some types of music (like those with a high BPM) potentially increasing a dog’s anxiety while other types can leave them feeling disengaged and bored.

Experts from Startle, a music curation platform, rated 25 of the UK’s most popular radio stations, looking at genre diversity, tempo and energy, before giving each station an overall score .

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What radio stations do dogs like the most?

Surprise found 5 radio stations that they believe are the best for keeping a dog calm and engaged during that dreaded Guy Fawkes night.

Using studies suggesting that dogs prefer a variety of genres to stimulate them, low dynamic range songs to avoid startling them, and a tempo (BPM) like their own heartbeat to relax them, Startle found some of the best stations for our furry friends to listen to. at.

Of the 5 named, Smooth FM came out on top with an overall rating of 7.3.

Startle found that Smooth FM offered good genre diversity, the best tempo score, and the highest level of energy to keep dogs engaged.

Smooth FM was followed by BBC Radio 1, which had an overall score of 6.7. The station, which specializes in modern pop music, had a high gender diversity score of 10, but was lower on the list for its tempo score, meaning the tempo was less dog-friendly.

In 3rd place is Heart 80s, which, as its name suggests, focuses on popular music from the 1980s.

Kiss FM and Magic Soul followed at 4th and 5th place.

Bracknell News: Canva - Best Radio Stations to Calm the Dogs This Bonfire Night Canva – Best Radio Stations to Calm the Dogs This Bonfire Night (Image: Canvas)

The Top 5 Best Radio Stations to Calm Dogs During Bonfire Night

Here’s the full list of stations named in Startle’s top 5 to keep dogs calm this Bonfire Night:

smooth radio

Gender Diversity: 8.3

Pace: 9.6

Energy: 3.9

Overall: 7.3

Radio 1

Gender diversity: 10

Pace: 7.3

Energy: 2.9

Overall: 6.7

80s heart

Gender Diversity: 8.3

Pace: 8.1

Energy: 2.1

Overall: 6.2

Kiss FM

Gender Diversity: 8.3

Pace: 7.3

Energy: 1.8

Overall: 5.8

Magical Soul

Gender diversity: 5

Pace: 9.2

Energy: 2.8

Overall: 5.7

To learn more about Startle, please visit the Startle website.

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